I’d like you to meet…


Thats Chris Suzuki to you.

I should be reading up on Capital Structure and Budgeting for my Corporate Finance course, but alas, nostalgic fragrances such as 味わいカルピスフルーツ・オレー and other such thoughts of rental cars (yea yea yeah~) have brought me to internet.

To the ones I love in New Zealand, and to YHM, this one is for you…


128 days until I’m back in the land of the emperor’s finests.


14 Responses to I’d like you to meet…

  1. b says:

    That’s a long time from now.

    I dream at night of your gyrating hips, chris suzuki.

  2. Gameday says:

    Chris Suzuki, I am so pleased that you have joined the rest of YHM on the internet. I miss you, my friend. I will wait for you!

  3. S-$ says:

    Oceans may keep us apart, but we stand united on the internet!

    Calpis and rentals cars are good and all, but I’d just feel incopmlete without the requisite hottie in nurse uniform.

    I’ll be waiting for you.

  4. Bootleg says:

    I’ll wait… but just for a while. I have needs too you know?! (so you better hurry, baby!)

  5. suzukichri says:

    omg replies!

    No longer will I be shackled down by macroeconomics, game theory and corporate finance. It’s time friends, that Chris Suzuki takes dopeness to beat space 9 levels.

    S-$: The requisite hottie in nurse uniform was implicitly implied in the yea yea yeah~ god deym

  6. bribri says:

    i luv u like no man should

  7. S-$ says:

    I love the dog paws on your costume. It makes me think that someone was pawing to get in your pants, just like I will in 120-some days. Ohhhh baby!

  8. Gameday says:

    You people are sick. Dog sex? Is that all you talk about on the internet…still? Jesus. And no I will not read closer to see if all of that nonsense was actually about beastiality. Also, hurry up Suzuki. You’re taking too long.

  9. suzukichri says:

    I will be there though…hopefully dog suit and all…depending on luggage constraints.
    Maybe the internet is just full of dog sex, and we could start calling the internet ‘pound’. Haha get it? coz to pound something and a dog pound coz…..sorry

  10. S-$ says:

    It’s okay, Jookz. I laughed. ‘Course I think rectal eels are about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. And Gameday needs to get off his high horse. I’m pretty sure what he does with it is alot worse than DOG sex. Zzzzzzing!

  11. Gameday says:

    Variety’s the spice of life. I like a wide selection. Sometimes I’m in the mood for nasty close-ups, sometimes I like them arty and air-brushed. Sometimes it’s a spread brown-eye kind of night, sometimes it’s girl-on-girl time. Sometimes a steamy letter will do it, sometimes – not often, but sometimes – I like the idea of a chick with a horse.

  12. ウンジン says:


  13. b says:

    Harrison’s butt isn’t as much fun as yours.

  14. Gameday says:

    SUKICHRIJ: So I am sitting 1kyuu this year, even though I know it is impossible for me to pass. That’s just the American way, attempting the impossible. Anyway, since I know you passed with spectacularly high scores last year (everyone knows, you’re famous), you gots any tips for little old me in terms of studying?

    Also hurry up and come to Japan.

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