From my Ureter to Ohope and back

August 30, 2006

Some of you may remember last year in November me being carried in a stretcher from my dorm room to an awaiting ambulence. A swollen Kidney thanks to an abnormality where my ureter connected delicately to my right kidney was to blame. My only respite from the mostly depressing and mundane time in hospital were the cute nurses taking my blood temperature or sometimes just my blood with a little bit of ‘yes this is my right breast I am pushing against your raised hand’, fantastic.

This abstruction of sorts was corrected with surgury two months or so ago now. Alas, much was lacking in the cute nurse department over here in NZ, though ones with obstructions around where the ureter and kidney meet can’t be beggars right?

Around five weeks after the surgery, an appointed was made to have the preverbial and delictable cheery on top final procedure performed. Being, still to this present day, mentally scared by the happenings of the procedure and unable to explain in anymore detail, I leave you all to read more here. Below is the ureteric stent that was removed, it sits proudly next to my laptop. Conveniently, the surgery fell in the winter holidays, with much rest and recouperation centered around the playstation2.

Back in top shape, and with a better ureter than ever, I returned to university and thestart of a new semester. As soon as I stepped into game thoery on the first day back and the first bacth of ink hit the refil, I wanted out. Thankfully, one mister Thomas Fanning had a grand idea to escape the study and especially the shitty weather by heading up North. And so we did. Last Monday the quest for Ohope began. At our second stop, Taupo ( pronounced toe-paw), I decided a little hole-in-one golf challenge was in order. Decked out in my dog suit, Pepe Lopez took up the challenge…LOOK OUT TIGER!


One of NZ’s best holiday destinations, Ohope offers spectacular waves, sun, sand and bitches…apparently. ‘Awesome!’ i hear you people north of the equator saying, please keep in mind down this half of world it’s winter. The water was cold, possibly the reason why I am nursing a cold right now, but more importantly bathing in the Bay of Plenty was all part of the self purification process for our battered and worn city bodies. We did have immaculate weather to whole time up there, minimal wind if any, and great talks over good alcohol and epic games of risk. We returned to Wellington renewed, refreshed and cleansed.


We did meet an interesting character, her name was Ivanka, apparently a mail order bride from the motherland that is Russia.

84 days till I’m back in the land of the emperor’s finests.