the uki has landed – Japan Odyssey, Part 2

The flight from Syndey was, to say the least, uncomfortable. I did however get to see the movie I’ve heard so many people back home go on about, Little Miss Sunshine. Fantastic movie, do watch it.

Airports apparently have curfews. We had to stay on the tarmak a few extra minutes so as not to arrive at Narita before 6am. Going through customs and hearing the officer say「 パスポートだけで結構ですよ」 or ‘ just your passport is fine’ was honestly, very exicting. This japanese passport thing is great. Now just for my polish passport and Sweden here I come…. Your berries are mine!

After some drifting through Chiba to Tokyo on my ‘ friendly limousine bus’, I met up with Maho and it was straight to her place to drop my suitcase off. I had long been joansing ( is that how you spell it?) for some great revoling sushi, so to Shibuya we went. 9 plates later, a primordial state of fishy bliss was attained. All for 945円.

A cell phone was also arranged for my short stay. How appropriate! Please send your details to me, for those of you in already in emperor’s finests of finests lands.

Here are two pictures that really nailed home the whole ‘you ain’t in NZ anymore…Alice’ for me.

Shibuya’s ‘Scramble intersection’ ( the place with the Dinosaur on the TV on the building) and high speed internet. A note for telecom nz: this is what is known as ‘high speed internet’, look into it… please.




10 Responses to the uki has landed – Japan Odyssey, Part 2

  1. BrYan says:


    Your pics are good: The two most outstanding things about Japan. Blinking lights and fast downloads. The rest of the world has ’em, but not in such a quantity.


  2. magellanik says:

    You will get no Swedish berries, they are all mine, and mine only!

    I will be there soon to gather all the berries before you can steal them.

  3. Dylan says:

    “Berries” means “sex”, right?

  4. suzukichri says:

    oh Brian, I’ve already wet my pants in anticipation.

    You just wait! this polish plumber will get his berries!

    Hopefully both Dylan. That’s the plan anyways…

  5. Tim says:

    hey dude,
    glad to see you’re keeping us posted back here.. keep it comin’

  6. suzukichri says:

    I will not only keep you posted Tim, but I will also keep you wet in anticipation of my return.

  7. Bootleg says:

    You know, I’ve been getting alot of ニュージャージー getting mixed up with ニュージーランド lately. Never had this problem in Kyoto, or even before these past couple of weeks. Maybe the Sendai-ites are affected by your return to Japan. You’re messing with their hormones or something.

  8. suzukichri says:

    That’s right harry. Oh they feel me… and I feel them.
    I’m coming for you Harry!

  9. marcus says:

    man, you’re there and I’m here. life ain’t fair.

  10. suzukichri says:

    So how was Kyoto? It’s gonna feel strange heading back and seeing all these new exchange students….
    at least b boy and jj are there

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