A proper post is coming.

That is, after I defeat this stomach bug. Apparently 210,000 people have been struck down by this over here.

Violent vomiting and uncontrolable diarrhea… that’s about all the details I’ll go into…. for now.


13 Responses to Sick

  1. Dylan says:

    Welcome to my life.

  2. brian says:

    Hey cool, maybe u got what I got when I left japan. i went to the doctor and they prescribed some antibiotics, i forgot the name, but its from eating chicken infected with something. the diarrhea part was awesome, it would leak out and u had to go like 10 times a day.

  3. Bootleg says:

    do you have a super toilet? i wouldnt mind sitting on a heated seat all day. its cold in my apt…

  4. stuie!! says:

    you ok bro! yeah you dont have to go much into da details aye! WE GET IT!!! that sux man!! get well soon!! you would love it here!! great weather all the time now!! haha 残念~! (^^)

  5. marcus says:


  6. niku-san says:

    uki my unfortunate sensei, is the sickness lasting this long? i have only just checked this site now to read the bad news.
    my thoughts and prayers are full of hope that your vitality and virility will return soon.
    and no doubt you will publish all the gory details when you see fit.
    go in peace my brother

  7. BrYan says:

    He’s dead. I guess that means you won’t be able to see us while in Kansai 😦

  8. Tim says:

    the ukivirus strikes again!!

    i didn’t realise it was that contagious though.. 210,000!

    who’s been a busy boy then;)??

  9. BrYan says:

    He’s in his happy place.

  10. Brazilian Pornstar (Digolo,Didas) says:

    Uki Uki
    hey my friend! how da fuck r u:? A u know what, i dont hear from u for more than 3 years maybe..i dunno, anyway, i always wonder hows ur life going, and ur mama, and nina (i do miss her as well) and i never write u to know..i feel really bad for that.
    I was living in Australia, studying at JCU, i had to comeback home coz we r having terrible financial couldn handle uni..i might go to Japan in a month period to work and save som money to go back.. R u back in Nz or still in Jpn??
    So apaologies for beindg such a mother fucker friend, just wanna tell u that i will never forget u my brother!! send my love to ur mama, and ifs possible write me sometimes!!
    Bye Chris

  11. bryan says:

    wtf i go to ukiman dot wordpress dot com but there is no uki

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