Osaka Motor Show

I was given a couple of free tickets at work this week, so me and another CIR headed down to see what all the fuss was about.

Any apprehension about crowd sizes was soon relieved as it really wasn’t bad at all. Besides the odd knock in the back from some guy too eager to get some  digital-pixel loving pictures of the scantly dressed girls, much fun was had.

I have too say, some of the machines just have to be seen to believed.


Autumn leaves outside my door.


I want one.


One for the F1 fans.


Oh wait, I forget to say I became one of those guys… damn it.


I really liked the body on that car.


Concept car.


Computer car.


Mitsubishi’s Dakar Rally vehicle.


My friend loved the body on this one.


More cars.


I thought of Nik when I saw this one.


Skyline GT-R


There is a robot inside that talk to you while you drive, and can detect changes in facial expressions.

I wonder if it knows horny…

Well, there you have it.

I don’t know for how long this frequent updating will continue.

Until next time.


One Response to Osaka Motor Show

  1. Ginnyman says:

    I liked the pictures of cars. Please makes more posts featuring pictures of cars in the future.

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