August 10, 2008

Not Syllogisms, but fireworks.

Hi all.

So yes, I haven’t updated this old thing in a while, but I have again, for what can I only believe to be the third time, decided to try to keep this blog going.

A cacophony of events, copious amounts of alcohol, and a bit of international exchange, has made for adventurous, revealing and satisfying times here in Osaka.

“Risk Aversion” to “Risk Neutral”, I put it down to. I can’t wait for the next step.

In the meantime, PHOTOS!

I bought a remote for my camera… nerd factor up!


Second ever attempt at photgraphing fireoworks… not too bad, right?

Got to love summer in Nihon.

More to come soon.

Oh, Osaka is hot.


Osaka Motor Show

December 3, 2007

I was given a couple of free tickets at work this week, so me and another CIR headed down to see what all the fuss was about.

Any apprehension about crowd sizes was soon relieved as it really wasn’t bad at all. Besides the odd knock in the back from some guy too eager to get some  digital-pixel loving pictures of the scantly dressed girls, much fun was had.

I have too say, some of the machines just have to be seen to believed.


Autumn leaves outside my door.


I want one.


One for the F1 fans.


Oh wait, I forget to say I became one of those guys… damn it.


I really liked the body on that car.


Concept car.


Computer car.


Mitsubishi’s Dakar Rally vehicle.


My friend loved the body on this one.


More cars.


I thought of Nik when I saw this one.


Skyline GT-R


There is a robot inside that talk to you while you drive, and can detect changes in facial expressions.

I wonder if it knows horny…

Well, there you have it.

I don’t know for how long this frequent updating will continue.

Until next time.


December 1, 2007

I’m back.

For I believe the third time, in about as many posts. Whether anyone still frequents this blog is doubtable, it is most likely unwillingly come across by motorbike enthusiasts. Oh well.

So I now live in Japan. Osaka, Japan to be more exact. So how is life over there? I hear inquiring minds and people generally interested in my well-being asking….

Well, good. Work is not as challenging as it once was, hence the days are filled more with those lovable banalities.

Instead of a long blog explaining my absence…  I will post some photos.

I like photos…


Other Jets and I, notice me kissing up to charming the Mayor (Note: Not for much longer as he recently lost the mayoral election)


First night in Tokyo.


国際交流、or ‘International Exchange’


At the Keio Plaza in Shinjuku, Tokyo.


Wellington Jets. Great night.

A fallen comrade… the morning after.


Umeda, viewed from another CIR’s balcony.


We rocked it.


The IAAF World Championships in Athletics came to town.


Working Saturday at the Noh.


Autumn colours in Arashiyama, Kyoto.


I love Kyoto.

So there you have it, a very unlikely update.

I have an expensive bottle of Tequila.

Until next time.

The long awaited update

March 19, 2007


Some of you who I have not been in contact with since my last post have most likely presumed me dead. Fair enough. No ammount of apologising is going to make up for me not updating my blog.

So, I have some news.

I have just recieved word, hot off one of those round things in orbit, that one Alex Peterson may possibly be making the journey to New Zealand. This excites me a great deal. It has been a while since our last roll in the hay.

For those who graced the halls of Ritsumeikan and other such fine establishments, such as I House II, may remember Booraya Takerngrangsarit. Yes, that wagashi loving little prankster is in Wellington on work.

Little reunion anyone?


December 10, 2006

A proper post is coming.

That is, after I defeat this stomach bug. Apparently 210,000 people have been struck down by this over here.

Violent vomiting and uncontrolable diarrhea… that’s about all the details I’ll go into…. for now.

Heaven is a Ryokan

December 4, 2006

If there is such a place up there somewhere… I hope it’s a Ryokan. For those who don’t know, a Ryokan is a Japanese style inn. I had the pleasure of traveling to Nikko with Maho for a two night stay at a ryokan. There were traditional tatami mats, open air hot springs and wild deer roaming the streets galore. The day before we left, we met up with Maho’s sister, Eri, in Ginza for some fine rice wrapped in seaweed. Flipping through the menu, something immediately caught my eye…. Whale.


This won’t help anyone back home… but whale is very similar to horse, in texture and in taste. Somewhat stringy and a little gamey. Not bad, but I don’t think i’ll be ordering it next time. After a copious ammount of raw fish and rice, it was off to the most famous and most expensive fruit shop in Japan. Remember that episode where the Simpsons go to Japan and Homer buys the square water melon? Well this shop has them in the summer. I’m talking a hundred plus for 6 peaches ( I can’t forget to mention the very cool wooden box the come in). I had the mixed fruit juice.

The following day, Maho and I left for Nikko. The whole place has been a world heritage site since around 2000 if my memory of that plaque is correct. We didn’t have ideal weather, but that was made up for with one un-freaking-believable incident. Across the road for the station where some nice maple trees in beautiful red, husky colours. As I was happily snapping away with my trusty fujifilm, I noticed a white person standing next to me, intrigued, I looked over. It was the french germ Jeremy! We were both on the same exchange programme last year in Kyoto and stayed in the same dorm! Talk about coincidences. It also turned out that he and his girlfriend stayed in the same ryokan as us. As our shuttle bus was waiting to take us to the ryokan, out reunion was cut short. We will be making plans to meet up in Tokyo a little later on.

After we got settle in the ryokan, we decided to head to the famous shrines nearby. By that time however, it was pretty dark, so we headed back for a nice dip in the hot springs. This was followed by an ice cold beer… heaven I tell you.

The following day we heading further into the hills to Oku-Nikko, where we saw one of Japan’s three great waterfalls.


Kegon Falls. 97 metres of falling water and negative ions, fun and refreshing. We walking around Chuzenji Lake, admiring the hovering fog behind us that seemed to shy to follow us. After some Nikko Noodles, or ‘nudels’ as spelled at one joint, it was back to the ryokan for me hot times.

Our last day was spent wondering around the grounds of the world heritage shrines that were a short walk from the ryokan. I don’t have the pictures just yet, I might upload some with the next post. I will say however, that at one shrine, is the stable of one of the imperial families horse. This stead is a gift from New Zealand. Very cool. I’m afraid however, that it may have well already been eaten. Nuricious.


I did find some cookie monkikkies, uki monster’s favourite.

Friday, I made my way to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine.


There was not much to the place. It was mostlt old people and suits. I did get to taste Japanese Nationalism in a way they do best, the mixing of indirect subtlety with a complete lack of remorse. I don’t know what I was expecting in a museum on the grounds of Yasukuni… an experience to say the least.


I went for a stroll through a nearby park which happened to be adjacent to the imperial palace.

Also! most reading this blog would have heard of or know Alex very well, well, I met with the crazy funking monkey tonight. We managed to find a place with 生ビール for 157yen!!  It was a pleasure to drink with you sir! and yes, keep the tequila chilled for me in Kansai.

Tomorrow I make the journey to Kyoto.  I don’t think Kyoto is ready for this…


Also, Yokohama is the shizzle.

the uki has landed – Japan Odyssey, Part 2

November 24, 2006

The flight from Syndey was, to say the least, uncomfortable. I did however get to see the movie I’ve heard so many people back home go on about, Little Miss Sunshine. Fantastic movie, do watch it.

Airports apparently have curfews. We had to stay on the tarmak a few extra minutes so as not to arrive at Narita before 6am. Going through customs and hearing the officer say「 パスポートだけで結構ですよ」 or ‘ just your passport is fine’ was honestly, very exicting. This japanese passport thing is great. Now just for my polish passport and Sweden here I come…. Your berries are mine!

After some drifting through Chiba to Tokyo on my ‘ friendly limousine bus’, I met up with Maho and it was straight to her place to drop my suitcase off. I had long been joansing ( is that how you spell it?) for some great revoling sushi, so to Shibuya we went. 9 plates later, a primordial state of fishy bliss was attained. All for 945円.

A cell phone was also arranged for my short stay. How appropriate! Please send your details to me, for those of you in already in emperor’s finests of finests lands.

Here are two pictures that really nailed home the whole ‘you ain’t in NZ anymore…Alice’ for me.

Shibuya’s ‘Scramble intersection’ ( the place with the Dinosaur on the TV on the building) and high speed internet. A note for telecom nz: this is what is known as ‘high speed internet’, look into it… please.